“If it keeps on rainin’ the levee’s gonna’ break”

So! Firstly I need to apologise. Reason being is the total lack of website-ness! (If that is even a word?) Sorry to all you lovely guys who have had a wee nosey round the site and nothing has been updated… I’m not going into all the details as to why, but all you do need to know is that things have changed.

Quote The Fugees “Seasons change, mad things rearrange, but it all stays the same like the Love Dr strange”

Anyhoo… DelGirl gifts is basically a 3 piece band, so expect a lot of music references, please try to keep up. Firstly we have the Amazingly talented Debbie – who is essentially the brains and beauty of the operation; scouring the globe and sometimes galaxies looking for great things for the stall. Now she does this with her equally amazing side kick Joolz  (Creative Director) you will see them both looking beautiful at Tynemouth market trying to sell you the best of the best, and me of course.

I’m Carmen I’m mostly behind the scenes now promoting the wonderful business, listening to music and now looking after  my 5 month old baby. You will see me from time to time at Tynemouth; basically trying to rearrange stall and generally being bossy!

So keep coming back and having a looksie and see how we get on. Also don’t forget our Facebook, Twitter and Instgram.

See you soon Love the Girls xxx


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